Supplements for Detox (Guest Post)

Updated: Mar 19

In my March newsletter, I discussed in detail the three phases of #detoxification – you can review this on my website, signup. In order to safely rid the body of harmful chemicals, we need to understand one’s unique biochemistry and this may involve doing low-touch genetic testing, laboratory assessments and perhaps stool testing. I prefer to test then suggest to properly recommend specific supplements and starting dosages. I also prefer to go slow and increase in order to lessen the potential for a #herxing reaction which is not fun!

I use only 3rd party independently tested supplements and a few favorites (although there are many) include:

Low dose methyl B complex






Mixed fibers

Supplements support the body’s enzyme functions as well as the breakdown of the amazing foods discussed in last week’s blog. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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