Movement and Immunity (Guest Post)

Updated: Feb 26

What do #Thymus Thumping, Shaking and #Rebounding have in common? Well besides just being fun and creating laughter, they boost #whitebloodcells! WBCs are made in #bonemarrow and travel in the #lymphatic system looking for “invaders” – #viruses, #bacteria, #fungi – and they ingest them as a way of killing these foreigners.

Movement is key to the body producing adequate WBCs and the aforementioned activities are wonderful ways to accomplish this.

Thymus Thumping involves making fists and thumping on your chest like Tarzan. The stimulation and vibration is good for lymph flow. Shaking accomplishes a similar effect and is simple, especially for those who cannot do impact exercise. Merely shaking one’s body will increase blood, oxygen and #lymphatic flow.

Rebounders, also known as mini-trampolines, are fun, low impact and can be used in tight quarters – a great consideration while we are still dealing with #Covid restrictions for going gyms and exercise classes.

I have personally used all of these techniques and the added bonus is how they increase laughter – another well-documented healing activity. While doing my own alternative #cancer care, I learned about Laugh Yoga and I must say, it did just that – allowed me to laugh amidst the pain and fear that I was experiencing. Try it, you might just like it!

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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