Lipid Labs and You (Guest Post)

How often have you heard the lower the better for total #cholesterol and the higher the better for HDL? Way too often for my liking. As with any lab test, it is about being within a range and medications are meant to assist in getting to a healthy range with potential to discontinue unless there is a genetic indicator that lifestyle adjustments cannot maintain adequately.

Another consideration is whether a comprehensive #lipid assessment is warranted, in which case, other values will help in determining #personalized target values.

In simple terms, when total cholesterol gets lower than about 165-175, the nerves in the brain may not have adequate protection from the myelin covering. And we are seeing an increase in #neurodegenerative diseases, many impacted by diet and medication.

Another confusing area is with regard to HDL or better known as the “good cholesterol”. While levels above 60 are protective, when they go above 90, an increase in #inflammation and #auto-immunity may arise.

In my practice, I prefer to test then suggest when it comes to supplements or collaborating with a physician about potentially adjusting #medications. It’s all about teamwork!

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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