It's Valentine's and That Means Chocolate! (Guest Post)

It’s #Valentines and That Means Chocolate!

Who doesn’t like #chocolate? Most do, a few don’t and some are allergic or sensitive, so I will cover all!

Dark chocolate – and that means 85% or darker – provides #antioxidants, helps blood flow, raises #HDLcholesterol, may improve #brain and heart vessel function. It is also a good source of #magnesium, #fiber, copper, iron, manganese – all important for a healthy heart, gut, bones and brain.

Do look at the label for fiber and #sugar. A 65% dark chocolate has a full tablespoon of sugar which negates the healthful properties while a serving of 85% has only 3-6 grams sugar and a good 3 grams of fiber.

Next question is “How do I learn to like bitter?” Have a little each day coupled with a favorite food, such as a spread of almond or sunbutter on top – my version of a Reese’s. Do this multiple days in a row to re-train your brain – yes, most taste is acquired, thus we can learn to like new foods unless there is a gag response.

And if you do not like chocolate or have an allergy or get migraines from it, try #carob. Aussie makes a no-sugar added bar that is quite delicious. And carob has many healthy attributes as well. It has antioxidants, is a good source of #calcium, has no #caffeine and contains no #oxalates which cause pain for some people.

For more tips on incorporating healthier foods into your diet, please reach out –

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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