Heart Health and Omega Three Oils (Guest Post)

Heart Health and Omega Three Oils

Interesting study from Cleveland Clinic looking at the effects of #omegathree vs corn oil consumption and the #inflammatory markers in the corn oil consumers were much higher -JAMA. 2020;324(22):2268-2280. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.22258 .

These types of studies have been done on many of the oils commonly used in cooking at home and in restaurant situations and while there is good data, it often does not translate into behavior.

Omega-three rich diets lower #triglycerides, #bloodpressure and reduce the risk for #stroke. So why are they still used if known health risks are well-documented? Shelf stability, price and wide-spread availability are main reasons and until food manufacturers and consumers take the issue of rising #healthcare costs due to food quality, things will remain unchanged.

What can you do? On a personal level, consider:

-Increasing cold-water (not farm raised) fish consumption

-Include #walnuts

-Add more dark-leafy #greens to your diet

-Consider #flaxseed oil in low heat cooking (less than 225 F)

-Perhaps consider a molecularly distilled, cold water fish oil supplement

For more information on #cooking techniques, how to choose and use oils, foods and #supplements, please reach out –

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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