Foods for Detox (Guest Post)

What do cilantro, parsley pepitas, lemon and crucifers all have in common? If you answered supporting #liver #detox, you are correct! It’s amazing what clean, #organic and natural foods can do to support balance internally that also affects how we feel externally – #energy, focus, #mood.

I love to make cilantro and parsley salads and chuckle when I recall the pharmaceutical luncheons back in the day when I would be eating the garnishes! I had to learn to like the bitterness of these foods and have retrained my brain to really love bitter and sour – not an impossible feat.

It is the bitter and sour #phytochemicals that house powerful disease-fighting properties, thus if you are just starting out or are working with your family to adopt more of these foods, begin with a tablespoon, but repeat it daily for a while so that your brain first recognizes the food, accepts the food, then finally enjoys the food. I often joke with my clients and tell them as long as you do not have a gag response, you can learn to like it! This is #neuralretraining. My only gag food is liver – have tried many times in life and it is just not happening!

For more food tips, recipe ideas or working with your family around introducing new foods, reach out –

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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