Fitness and Heart Health (Guest Post)

Updated: Mar 5

Did you know that #exercising harder may not be better? Back in the day when I became a #personaltrainer (a thousand years ago!), we would use the “go for the burn” technique and I would be teaching aerobics on cement floors! No wonder I have some creaks at the ripe old age of 63.

There have been many advancements over the years, yet often these concepts don’t take root as quickly as needed. I’ll outline a few things to keep in mind for you to personalize your fitness routine.

#Fitness is imperative for #hearthealth and there is a ceiling when it comes to capacity. For healthy individuals, the general #targetheartrange is 65-86% of maximum heart rate. But for folks on certain cardiovascular medications, the training ranges are lower, 60-80%, due to the effects of these medications at artificially lowering the heart rate in an effort to have the muscle work less hard.

There are so many ways to measure heart rate and it is an important consideration because many of us stronger than our heart rate will let us know! For years, my muscle men would overshoot the THR, not making the gains that they wanted – lower body fat, better cardio conditioning. When we go above the THR and especially beyond the Max Heart Rate, the activity becomes #anaerobic and is no longer using oxygen. This can be unproductive and even life-threatening.

Listen to your body, learn your numbers (THR) and if you need a consult, I have two professionally trained #coaches on my team. Reach out to be your best you –

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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