Epsom Salts and Essential Oils for Detox

Every time I step into a hot tub of #EpsomsSalts with #essentialoils, I breathe a sigh of total relaxation! And boy do we need that these days.

I stock up on Epsoms Salts which are #magnesium sulfate – magnesium helps to cleanse #toxins from the body and also soothes tired and inflamed muscles. It is quite drying, thus it is important to rinse off with water and to moisturize the skin.

Many essential oils have #detoxifying properties and can be used in baths, diffusers or rubbed on certain pulse points on the skin. For anyone with allergies, I always suggest testing a drop on the skin first to make sure that there is no reaction. For example, I am vey sensitive to floral essences, thus I avoid these essential oils for my personal use.

One of my favorite combinations includes #Wintergreen and #Cypress. Wintergreen contains #salicylicacid, the active ingredient in aspirin that supports reduction in pain and inflammation. Cypress helps with #lymphatic drainage of bacteria and other toxic substances.

Not only does the combination smell amazing, but it feels great!

#Citrus oils are also wonderful for detox, but I use these in my diffuser as the astringent nature could be harsh on the skin. For more information on using these amazing home remedies, check out Affiliates/Young Living, on my site,

Julie Freeman, MA, RD, LD

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